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im such a flake. [Feb. 15th, 2007|10:41 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]

oh well, im not perfect... shoot me!

meredith CANNOT die. it's grey's anatomy. grey cannot die! they'd have to rename the show. or cancel it. and its really successful and i don't think they'd do that. so im not worried. there is no way on earth that meredith can die.

i quit today. four o five pm. woooohoooo mee! i just quit!

the stupidest phrase ever- "whats her face..." nobody ever ever means it when they say it. you always hear people say as in, "is he still dating whats her face?" so you know who he's dating. you're thinking of the girl. you're picturing her. her face. you know what it looks like. what you dont know, what you're trying to remember, is her name! so why don't we say "whats her name". i mean, i know people do sometimes. but basically, "whats her face" is stupid and pointless and it really bugs me.

i live on an emotional rollercoaster. the weekend comes and i see stuart and i get soo excited and feel soo good. and then just two or three days later, i have to leave him again. up down up down up down. its giving me a headache.

im making all A'a at tcc. because im a baller. ha. haha. yeah, thats just what i tell myself.

i sleep better, im worn out less, a little happier, and i cry less. i think its working.

stu's soccer team's in the state finals this weekend. leaving bright and early for fort lauderdale tomorrow morning, and its gonna be a daaaang good time.
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this is gonna be goooood. [Jan. 8th, 2007|10:20 pm]
[mood |optimisticoptimistic]

got all moved in to seminole oaks on friday... lost my phone in the process. bad news! i got a new phone this morning, the cheapest one in the store. whatever. ive been having a blast in tally, just goin goin and trying not to think about/miss stu too much. other than that things are great. its soo different, and that's amazing.

i find myself constantly spacing out and daydreaming about playing guitar hero.

i think that pretty much covers it... just dreading having to actually do the school thing again, hoping this job at the law firm will work out, and counting down the hours until i get to see my boy again.
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its a new year again.... [Jan. 1st, 2007|08:55 am]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

ok, little break there... no biggie.

all i've done since my last entry is babysit, work at bsg, pack for tally, spend last moments with stu, watch my new freaks and geeks dvd's, work at bsg, and babysit.

my uncle is probobly the most insensitive self-absorbed asshole on the planet. he could die a painful death... i probobly wouldn't care.

new year's was fun. worked late at bsg in painful heels, went out to josh's and did the countdown thing, saw lots of people that i love, and kissed my gorgeous, incredible boyfriend at midnight. i won rock paper scissors!

i'm renting a van, dressing in black, stealing the elston children, raising them as my own, and never giving them back.
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im totally sick of being sick. [Dec. 23rd, 2006|01:50 pm]
[mood |draineddrained]

so pretty much almost nothing has happened since i last updated because i've been sick and miserable the whole time. i am now taking echinacea, multiple viatmins, sudafed, tylenol chest congestion, and spraying vicks chloraseptic all at regular intervals just to keep functioning. i am sooo ready for this to be over.

i did get to see christa at the mall, even though i got very lost, and i did finally fully finish my christmas shopping, and i watched a lot of movies, played a lot of you dont know jack, saw happy feet which was amazing, and stuart took very good care of me because he's a sweetheart. i'm watching ricky bobby while stuart's in virginia. we're totally bonding.

stuart and i exchnaged gifts the other night since he was leaving. i haven't taken off the necklace since. and i now have an official gryffindor scarf. yay! we set up his new tv in his room and watched his new talladega nights. he got his glasses in, and he loves his stewie slippers. i love christmas!

somehow, i have no idea, my right headlight is completely busted in. i'm not very happy about it.

oh, and i love my brother.
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kammy's got the christmas music on repeat. sighhh. [Dec. 19th, 2006|11:31 am]
[mood |sicksick]

i am a terrible employee... i fell asleep again yesterday while i was babysitting. then i woke up and we went outside, and both kids decided to start rolling around in the grass, which meant they were rolling around in dog poop. completely covered. it was naaaasty.

colburn got the new wii game system so i watched him and stu box and play golf and bowl on it yesterday. the boys won the soccer game last night, 1-0 against paxon. it was an exciting one. and it was senior night and stuart was hilarious. of course. saw taylor!!!!!! hung out at moon river for a while, then wicked davey's all night. looooove that place.

i feel pretty dang sick right now. it probably has something to do with the fact that i am quickly developing a bad cold, and that i ate taco bell for dinner and shoney's for breakfast. my body is not happy with me.

i miss the gourmet popcorn tin that used to ring in the christmas season. i hate it when someone tries to sit and talk to me for 45 minutes about how they've suddenly become "cool". sooo much wrong with that whole situation.

dont put brown sugar and syrup on your pancakes. it congeals and hardens. it sounds a lot better than it tastes.
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i love this warm christmas time. [Dec. 18th, 2006|09:07 am]
[mood |excitedexcited]

i did 85% of my christmas shopping on saturday, and it was easy and good. did another 10% yesterday. yayay! im almost done. we got stuart new glasses, which was exciting. he's had the same ones since 7th grade and they dont fit and they're the wrong prescription. yeah, that's not cool.im soo exited about my christmas presents! i really cant wait for everyone to open them!

worked both nights at bsg. it was painfully slow both nights. i haaaaate it when its slow. i hate it when people show up 45 minutes late for their reservation and then ask to switch tables three times. im working christmas and new year's eve. yeahhhh.

reade, stuart and i watched dane cook and pigged out on sour jacks saturday night and then yesterday morning stu and i went to church with lindsey, and then all four of the forementioned people ate lunch at barbara jean's. after we waited 45 mins on our "waitertress" to bring our check, stuart decided to let us all know that he wasn't giving her a tip. she walked up mid-story. he didn't see her. he continued. freaking hilarious. no one even tried to cover. we all just sat there and silently laughed, faces in our hands. priceless.

i fixed my tv and now it gets more than 13 channels... im never leaving my room.
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im proud of my regular updating. [Dec. 16th, 2006|09:44 am]
[mood |rushedrushed]

the three month old i babysat last night had a video monitor. all night, i watched her on a little baby tv. maybe its just me, but i thought it was a little weird. then the little boy made me play twister with him. talk about pain!

i hate money and how much it controls all of our lives. i hate college of charleston. every time i call, each person i talk to passes me on to three different people trying to get me to the right department, so i sit on the phone for an hour and a half and i never seem to get my questions answered or my problems solved. stupid cofc.

i love christmas because it seems to mean that everyone we know sends us large quantities of fruit. seriously, if anybody is craving a piece of fruit, come on over because we have plenty to share.

there is a log burning in my fireplace right now. it is made completely from the coffee grounds of 365 cups of coffee. and no, i did not make it myself.

i leave in 20 days. stuart will only be in town for 11 of them. whitney zero. cue lucy freaking out.....
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i'm soo not sneaky. [Dec. 14th, 2006|08:52 pm]
[mood |giddygiddy]

so i made allll of my old entries private because they were completely embarrassing. but i went back today and made it so you can all see a few of the ones that were only mildly embarassing. so enjoy.

i made bleu cheese burgers and tator tots and salad for dinner tonight. they were delicious. i am incredible. courtney came by, love her like whoa. reade and i went to do SA again tonight. i made her go, and i drove, because im a wiiiiiimp and i got scared.

i ordered these tshirts online like a week ago, and the package tracking says they haven't even left the warehouse yet. what the heck is that about?!?

i have no earthly idea what i want for christmas. none.

and now for my tv speil: the office is a spectacularly amazing show, and i heard a nasty rumor that there aren't going to be any new episodes of grey's anatomy or desperate housewives until the new year. i feel like lighting something on fire.

my boyfriend is silly.
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i'm baaaaaaaaaack. [Dec. 13th, 2006|10:05 pm]
[mood |nervouspanickey]

so i've returned to livejournal after more than a year of silence. who knows how long it will last...

i called in sick to work today because these new kids i babysit for are rediculous and i despise every minute i spend with them. so i figured, its santa lucia day, my saint day, and i deserve a little break from the torture. stu and i went to wicked davey's again tonight. it is by far my favorite restaurant of the moment. can't get enough of that milk cake and sangria.

i am unhealthily obsessed with crime shows. its really screwing me up too, because i'll watch like 3 law and order's and 2 csi's a night if i can't sleep and then im too freaked out to sleep because i'm afraid some psycho is going to come rape me and kill me in the night. but i just can't stop.

i haven't bought a single christmas present for anyone, and im starting to get a little panicked. i am such an awful gift-picker-outer. i don't know what to do!!! the only gift i had picked out was stuart's, but he snooped around and found out what it was, so now i've got to start all over. boooo.

moving to tally, to seminole oaks in about three weeks. should be interesting. we'll see.....
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you don't know me.... [Oct. 27th, 2005|09:19 am]
[mood |creativecreative]
[music |tim is in love with billy.]

LUCY IS.....

*Lucy is Lawless.
*Lucy is the kind of woman who thinks that any man who's decent to her must be Mr. Wrong.
*The real Lucy is stored in a specially constructed safe in the Paleoanthropology Laboratories of the National Museum of Ethiopia.
*wow lucy is so lucky, lucky lucky lucky, lucy is so lucky in, going to america with you tom. she must
be an extraordinary girl with great assets for you to have chosen her.
*Lucy is a doctor and an epidemiologist!
*In a nutshell, Lucy is more angelfish than angel.
*Lucy is a Sicilian saint.
*Lucy is not filled with bones or viscera, but is made of love instead.
*Lucy is a girl who's scared of everything indefinate in her life and hates all definate when its too definate.
*Lucy is found alive a while later, half starved and with a broken ankle.
*Lucy is busy preparing a take-out order for the singing group Los Lobos.
*Lucy is all about the most important and well known songs in the history of Alternative Music.
*Lucy is spotted while attempting to "collect" a cement block with John Wayne's footprints from Grauman's Chinese Theater.
*Lucy is the smart girl with perfect grades.
*Lucy is guaranteed for 5 years - any breakdown in that period will be free of charge.
*And yes, Lucy is spoiled rotten!
*Lucy is singing at the top of her lungs, having the time of her life painting the workshop.
*Lucy is Free!

thank you google.com. i am alllllll those things.
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